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Shadow Goddess Studio

Welcome to the self love goddess club!


Hi! My name is Shayna...


I am the owner & photographer at Shadow Goddess Studio. I'm an intuitive artist &  a mother raising 3 wildlings. I have found my place as a boudoir photographer and love showcasing the beauty that resonates from deep within in gorgeous women of all shape, color and size. There's something special about removing all the layers so you're left with just the person-- raw, honest and breathtaking. Each person I've had the honor of photographing impacts and inspires me in different ways, and leaves our time together shining brighter and standing taller. This is what I love about what I do. I can't wait to work with you!

    What is Boudoir?

The original definition of boudoir is a woman’s private bedroom...

One definition goes on to say, 'a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining.'

It makes sense that boudoir photography is most commonly understood as women in various forms of undress in a bedroom. While boudoir photography has formerly been known as a way for women to give saucy portraits to their partners, boudoir has changed... for the better. Boudoir is all about bringing out your inner beauty and letting it shine without the excess layers. It's nothing but you and it's one of the most empowering experiences you can have. When you see your beauty and power through anothers perspective its so empowering, I watch it before my eyes during our 2 hour sessions as we have fun, we tune into our divine feminine Goddess-selves. The knowing that we can create anything we set our minds to.

Boudoir, by new definition, is owning your inner beauty and stepping into the truth of who you are and letting your true authentic self free to shine in all her sensual Goddess beauty and grace. Cause you're a bad bitch babe!






W H A T  T O  E X P E C T


A session with me is super fun and based around getting you to tap into your inner wild so you can let go and embrace the beautiful person you were designed to be. I don't know about you but that sounds pretty good!

I am here to guide you 100% of the way. No need to start a secret Pinterest board of steamy photos. I'm here to pose and prompt you so you can feel most confident in front of the camera. You'll not only feel confident, you'll look confident and comfortable. I will provide step by step posing instruction from your head to your toes, from your expression to your fingertips. No detail is left behind.

Our studio time including hair and makeup and styling will last about 3 hours. As you get more comfortable, you'll probably find that you'll begin to pose yourself and you'll have your own ideas of how you'd like to look. This is amazing and I'm so excited to see your confidence fire up.

what to wear✨


✨Choose clothing that reflects your personality and style. If you're not the one for lace, or if you don't love the strappy look, pick something that is more true to you.

✨All bodies are beautiful and unique-- take time to find what works best. If you feel like you look good, your confidence will be visible in your photos.

✨Ask for help! Don't worry, this is just to get your brain going on what you might like! I'll be guiding you through all the choices during our zoom styling call!


I am 100% here for you and would love to work with you to make this session a comfortable and empowering experience. Our wardrobe consult will be amazing time to find what works best for you so you can have an incredible session. For your consult, feel free to provide images of you in your options so we can take a look and find what we think will work best.


During your shoot you will get to decide which level of undress is most comfortable for you. Some clients end up fully nude while others opt for more modest bodysuits. It's all about what works for you-- what makes you feel confident, secure, and like your inner feminine wiles are ready to come out to play.

Things to avoid..

✨Wearing tight fitting clothing prior to your shoot. Tight clothing can crease the skin and make lines. Try wearing something comfortable on your way to the shoot so your skin is smooth upon arrival.

Going super far out of your color and style comfort zone. You want these photos to reflect you, your feminine energy and how you want to see yourself!

OVERTHINKING! If you’re not familiar with lingerie and it feels overwhelming just take a beat! I am here to consult and offer my professional opinions! I work with all different body shapes and styles so I have a wealth of knowledge on how to make you feel your hottest!


Hair and Makeup


Hair and makeup by me the day of your session is now included in the session fee! ! I have been doing models hair and makeup for sessions since I started my business and I know what works best for my style of photography, so I've added it as an extra layer of luxury service available at the studio. However, hair and makeup is not required.  If you wish to come as a bare face beauty that's up to you! Whatever you're comfortable with is fine with me and you will be HOT AF with or without makeup!


Before & After






Shadow Goddess Studio has an amazing  space, affectionately coined  the Purple Palace, that we host our boudoir sessions in, and it's perfect!, 6+ beautiful sets to choose from, gorgeous bedding and rich plum walls with moody lighting. Located in a smaller tpwn in a charming historical  building we've created a safe space for you to feel comfortable to be completely you! The beauty of the 1000+ sq ft studio is the variety of props and sets  we have available to match your unique style.


Maybe you've been reading all of these options and you're thinking 'none of these are quite right. I KNOW where I want my session to be!" That is PERFECT! Let's chat about your dream location and shoot there! I am open to travel and would love to bring your inner-confidence out in a space that calls your name.


Head into the wild as you release your inner feminine! Outdoor boudoir session as becoming more common as people look to connect more to nature to feel their beauty. Beautiful, wildflower filled clearnings in woods & forests, glistening rivers & streams, or an open field at blue hour are some of my favorite beautiful places to feel your inner wild rise up and shine.

Shadow Goddess Studio

The studio is an elegant and moody styled 1000+ sq ft space, offering 6-8 constantly changing sets and hundreds of props and accessories waiting to be tailored to your dream vision!

This is our process start to finish:

I  Set your intentions ✨

Most clients book 6 months in advance. This gives you time to take advantage of my prepayment plan, have time for us to get to know eachother and plan out your dream session as well as allowing you to get onto my schedule, because dates fill up in advance.  Your session fee is due at booking.

II  Collections, Prepayment Plans and Financing

Payments toward your collection or the minimum purchase must start within 30 day. Your prepayment plan is customized to you! Collection and product payments are due 14 days prior to your session.  If you'd like financing options right now  I am accepting PayPal Credit and Affirm Financing as well as Cash, Credit or Debit.

III  Consultation, Styling & Manifestation ✨

We will decide if you'd prefer a zoom or in person styling consultation and plan that for at least 30 days before your session date. We will choose wardrobe, hair & makeup aethetics and I'll get a taste for what your dreams session looks like!

III  Session Day MAGIC ✨

You will arrive to the studio in the late morning, all hydrated and stretched in comfy clothes just like your prep guide will tell you! We will giggle and chat our way through hair, makeup & styling, go over if you have any new ideas or changes you'd like to make to the plan and get into shooting your dream session! Don't worry I'll be holding your hand all the way through it, I GOT YOU babe!  You even get a little sneak peek at your images in your inbox the next day!

IV  Image Reveal and Products ✨

Around 5 days after your session you will come back into the studio to relax and get cozy with a bevy and see your hot self on the big screen!  We will review all of your gorgeous images and decide what ones you can't live without! Dont worry, you always have the option to add to your collection and digitals today!

VI  Product Pickup

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! About 2 weeks after your session I will reach out to you with the news that all of your gorgeous custom products have come in and you can  come into the studio for reveal and pickup! This is my most bittersweet day of our time together because it's coming to a close... Until next time! 😘

I've worked with Shayna for both boudoir photos & classic holiday photos. She is so fun to take photos with! She great at making everyone feel super comfortable --whether it's me super nervous to take sexy boudoir photos or my dog going crazy for ducks at the park during our Christmas card shoot. She captures beautiful photos where everyone looks amazing! Can't recommend enough if you are in Saratoga area

Erin G

Shayna is absolutely incredible to work with! Her space is comfortable and inspiring and we felt at ease as soon as we walking in. My husband and I did a budoir shoot with Shayna and had such a BLAST. The images were incredible and truly the icing on the cake of the overall excellent experience. If you’re thinking about doing a shoot with Shayna JUST DO IT!


I'm obsessed with my photos! The quality of the products are amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and I can't wait to have another shoot with her!

Alicia C

Shayna is amazing at what she does. I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but was always terrified, waiting till I was skinny enough, brave enough, pretty enough. Shayna makes you feel like you have always been way more than “enough” she makes you feel like a goddess and that’s something I will carry with me forever. I can’t recommend her enough.

Tania H

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Shayna. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process! I was nervous at first because I didn't know how to pose or smile or WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE HANDS???!! Shayna made sure every little detail is perfect from literal head to toe. She gave me so much confidence, I definitely felt like a goddess!!!

Courtney H

To simply put it, Shayna is AMAZING!!! chatting and laughing with her is like being with a best friend, like you've known her forever. She made me so comfortable and confident during my shoot and was so helpful with everything during the process. I highly recommend her, if I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!!

Kaitlyn S

I had the most amazing experience with Shadow Goddess Photography during our boudoir session. Shayna was so much fun to work with! As someone who has never done a boudoir style shoot before and struggles with self-confidence, Shayna turned our time into everything I could have hoped for and my pictures came out STUNNING! Highly recommend!

Kathy K

This photographer did such an amazing job at giving me direction and making me feel completely safe and totally seen for me.

Lou O

Amazing spirt, amazing pictures.Shayna will make you feel comfortable and make you look and feel gorgeous!! Getting your pictures done by her is a one of a kind experience. I can't recommend it enough!!

Rachel S

I met Shayna for the first time when I was invited last min to a coven shoot with my friends. WOW! That was fun! Shayna made me feel so comfortable, confident and just really good. At the end of our shoot I pretty much new then that I needed to book a Boudoir Goddess session. I thought about it for a while and then went a head and booked a session during one of her sales. A payment plan was offered and I jumped on it 😁. So it comes time for me to have my shoot and from the time I walked in, Shayna was SO sweet and welcoming. I was nervous for sure, but Shayna helped make that feeling go away. When getting ready she asked questions but also made suggestions, she really wants YOU to be happy and feel your best. And don’t worry if you picked out outfits, props, poses ahead of time in your consultation, and then you get there and it’s just a whole new vibe. Shayna goes with the flow and does not make you feel like you HAVE to stick to what you picked. She’s actually very much like, yeah let’s just try some things and see what you like. Then the actual photo shoot started and she shows you the first picture and you’re like “damn” I look so good and it was all excitement, fun, loving myself and feeling hot from there. Now the hard part choosing which pictures you want because you are going to LOVE just about every single one. But again don’t worry you can buy more than what you already paid for 😉. By the time I left the studio I was feeling fierce, hot, sexy, beautiful, powerful, confident and all the things that are good. On top of all that, you up you gain a great friend and a new love for yourself   .  Go Book Now! You won’t regret it.

Trish W

Shayna made me feel so comfortable and in my element during my pregnancy Boudoir. Perfectly Capturing my essence during my ninth month for my partner who was gone and missing this special time. Shayna also photographed the home birth of my second daughter in July. She drove hours to get to me as soon as I told her I was in labor. She got here with plenty of time to spare. She was more than a photographer, she became part of my birthing team, making the transition with out my partner there feel comfortable and graceful again. She is very gifted at reading subtle energies and knew when to chime in and when to butt out. Her energy was calming, her approach is tasteful. The pictures captured the whole day with such raw elegance. The pictures of those first moments are breathtaking and incomparable to any other photos I have ever seen. She even got pictures of what was going on in the rest of the house while my labor went on. Including my 4 year old finger painting, and later napping during my active labor. I am so Grateful for this wonderful woman. She is pure LOVE and MAGIC! <3

Kate M

I've worked with Shayna for both boudoir photos & classic holiday photos. She is so fun to take photos with! She great at making everyone feel super comfortable --whether it's me super nervous to take sexy boudoir photos or my dog going crazy for ducks at the park during our Christmas card shoot. She captures beautiful photos where everyone looks amazing! Can't recommend enough if you are in Saratoga area

Erin G

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