Your time is now!

Retainer fee of $444 and signed contract/questionnaires are required to confirm your session. This covers your studio time, styling consultation, hair & makeup, client wardrobe, posing coaching and your image reveal session.
I will be reaching out via email to chat further and start planning your session and prepayment plan.
Phone & in person consultations available upon request.
*Check your spam folders as the emails are filtered there frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the session fee?

Your session consultation, styling, hair and makeup, access to my client closet, studio time, professional retouching, image reveal session and reservation of your date. This is non-refundable.

How much money do most people spend?

Average clients spend around $3500. All clients have prepayment plans for their chosen collections, and you always have the option to add extras and make changes up until your reveal session!

How do I know what to wear?

I have a complete client closet with unique options for sizes 4XL-XS and its always growing! Before your session we will have a styling session and I'll tour your through the studio and show you items in the client closet that are in your size and preferred styles, to help you feel prepared for your session!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am located in Mechanicville, NY. A small riverfront town outside of Albany NY. I do regularly travel throughout the capital region of NY, and travel sessions anywhere within the US are available with travel fees.

When will I receive my photos and products?

I love to keep my turn around time pretty quick, I usually send a sneak peek within 24 hours of your session and am ready to reveal your images in about 5 days! Products on average take 7-10 days after your reveal.

How will I know how to pose myself?

You won't need to!! I will help you pose from your face to your toes to ensure all the best final images! This takes time and patience, so listen to the prep guide and stretch and hydrate babe!

Do you have to share my images online?

Absolutely not! All the ladies that you see on my website and social media pages have given consent to be there, and LOTS of clients opt out, the session is for you first! Some women just choose to share their experience to help empower others.

What if I don't FEEL sexy?

Sexy is a word that is thrown around A LOT these days. Our idea of sexy has been refined through the years by mass media and marketing and a lot of people don't 'feel sexy' because they don't fit into the mould of what society says 'sexy' is. You know what we say? You ARE sexy because the sum of who you are makes you a beautiful person! Your personality, quirks and courage make you sexy. Done and done.

Do you edit and retouch all photos?

I don't do extensive editing when retouching your images. Trust me, you'll be able to recognize yourself in your photos. I only retouch images to enhance you and the overall image. Examples would be adding in some dramatic lighting, smoothing out some hair flyaways, or removing a pesky eyelash that maybe fell out when you were blinking, and subtle skin smoothing and blemish/bruise removals. It's the smallest touches you won't even notice. You can always request no skin smoothing if thats more your vibe!

Do you offer couples sessions?

YES! Couples sessions are some of my favorites! We have so much fun and capturing the raw emotion and connection between lovers is so inspiring. You get lost in each others eyes and the rest melts away making for INTENSE and GORGEOUS photos!