How to prepare for your session

I'm guessing you're nervous for your upcoming session.. Most clients are! You're not alone,  It's 100% normal to have some nerves, considering you've just decided to be completely vulnerable with a stranger. I get it, I wouldn't expect anything less, actually! I'm here to reassure you and walk you through the basics of what a boudoir session with me is like and what you can expect every step of the way.

On Session Day...

You will arrive at my studio located in the historic Frog Island Schoolhouse building in Mechanicville, NY. We'll start your session with hair and makeup if you've chosen to add it to your session and then move into chatting about your wardrobe and how you want to feel during your session. Reviewing the client closet, accessories and props and go over anything you've brought to use as well.

After we have chosen the best outfits that flatter your figure and make you feel confident and sexy, we will start super easy!

We always start out slow with a simple pose and get you used to being in front of the camera, and loosen you up!

One of the most frequently asked questions is "I don't know how to pose! Will you help me?" and the answer is YES! I pose my clients 100% the entire time, seriously from your hair to your toes. It will not be left up to you to figure out how to pose. I pride myself in having done lots of research and lots of practice with posing any and all body types. I know what angles and poses will look best.. That's what I'm here for! Relax.

The week before...

• Get a manicure. Cleaning up those nails is important because we will use your hands expressively during your shoot. If you have a manicure done before the session, depending on your style, you may want to stick with a more classic neutral color or french style. If you're going bold for your session, then go bold with your nail color!

• Personal grooming to avoid redness the day of your session.

• Stay out of the sun to avoid blotching of the skin.

• Avoid self tanners

• Make a confidence-boosting playlist.

• Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you're worried about retaining water.




What to avoid:

Please don't get a spray tan! If you really want to look a little more sunkissed in your photos I'd rather do that with editing than you get an orange splotchy spray, no one wants Cheeto fingers in their photos!

Avoid tight clothes and bras on session day. Arrive in your comfiest sweats, avoid tight socks, bras and jeans that leave marks on your skin.

Overthinking! If you're feeling nervous or stressed about your session the FIRST thing I want you to do is text me, and I'll talk you down! <3

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup services are included in every session if you choose to take advantage of it! We will have gone over this during our styling consultation and will have a plan coming into your session. You should wash  your hair the day before your session and  leave it product free.

If we are doing makeup come with a bare moisturized face.

The Morning of your session..;.

• Be sure to lotion your body.

•Stretch the morning of your session, all the posing and arching is a work out!


• Eat something light, but filling, before you leave home for your shoot.

• Put on clear deodorant.

• Wear something loose and comfortable to avoid lines and creases on the skin. Try a maxi dress or sweatsuit, skip the bra and panties!

• Most of all, RELAX!

What to bring...

  • Deodorant
  • Heels or boots if you'd like to wear some
  • Any sentimental items you might want to include
  • Your smile!
  • If you've bought any of your own lingerie pieces feel free to bring them. but it's not required.

Some Popular questions....

Question: Should I wax or spray tan?

When it comes to waxing and spray tans, I always encourage clients to only do something they are used to doing. If you get waxed regularly and know how your body will react, go for it! If not, I suggest avoiding it. We don’t get super up-close and personal in those areas usually and most stray hairs can be edited out. However, super red rashes and/or burns cannot be retouched very easily and could make for not so pleasant posing for you as well. When it comes to spray tans, I recommend NOT using a booth or self tanner. Always use a technician that hand sprays you and that comes highly recommended.

Question: How long will my session last?

Most clients spend right around 3 hours at the studio, although timing varies based on how many looks are in your collection

and if you've chosen hair and makeup or wardrobe add-ons.

I hope this guide helped to ease your mind and get you excited for your session! I can’t wait to help you plan and encourage you to reach out with any other questions or concerns!

Your boudoir experience is going to be unforgettable!

xoxo Shayna ✨